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Our Tibco Online Training courses:


TIBCO ActiveMatrix – BPM (AMX BPM) is a unified business process management (BPM) and service oriented architecture platform that provides a single environment for automating business processes involving both people and systems. It makes the management, distribution, and analysis of work quick and simple, while providing all of the agility and development savings of SOA.

TIBCO BE (Business Events) is a complex event processing (CEP) solution that abstracts and correlates meaningful business information from the events and data circulating through your information systems.


TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks (BW) is one of the leading service creation, orchestration, and integration products on the market. Tibco BW has been deployed by over 1,000 companies worldwide and is the foundation for several of the largest mission critical service-oriented business applications in production today.


TIBCO IPROCESS suite is a set of software that enables products for business modeling and Execution. Tibco iProcess management tool that helps you increase the performance of your business implementation. It integrate with BusinessWorks will provide very strong integration function for BPM platform.

TIBCO Spotfire:

TIBCO Spotfire designs, develops and distributes in-memory analytics software for next generation business intelligence. TIBCO Spotfire is an analytics and business intelligence platform for analysis of data by predictive and complex statistics.

TIBCO Service Grid:

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid is a comprehensive SOA development platform that lets you transform business logic written in different programming languages into re-usable SOA services, and then assemble those services into powerful composite applications.


TIBCO CIM MDM is master data management for aligning enterprise data across multiple business units, departments and partners, synchronizing the information with downstream IT transactional systems. TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager gives a horizontally platform to control different types of information as well as products, customers, research data, investing partners and many others.

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Course Content

  • What is EAI
  • Why is EAI
  • How Business works using EAI

TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA)

  • How TIBCO Supports EAI
  • TIBCO Business Works(5.5)


Concepts of Business Works

  • Working with Pallets with complex Transformations
  • File Pallete
  • XML Pallete
  • Parse Pallete
  • HTTP Pallete
  • HTTPS Pallete
  • JDBC Pallete
  • Adapter Pallete
  • General Configuration Pallete
  • JMS Pallete
  • SOAP,WSDL Pallete
  • Java Pallete
  • Transaction Pallete
  • Service Pallete

Concepts of Enterprise Messaging System(EMI)

  • Topics/Queues
  • Bridging Topics/Queues
  • Persistence/Non-Persistence
  • Durable/Non-Durable
  • Creation of Topics/Queues,generating
  • privileges,etc…

Concept of RV(Messaging Infrastructure)

  • Types of Messaging
  • Reliable
  • Certified
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Distributed Queues
  • Publish/Subscribe, Point-to-Point, Multicast Messaging
  • Virtual Circuits
  • Rendezvous Demon(rvd)
  • Rendezvous routing Demon(rvrd)
  • Rendezvous Agent(rva)

Adapter Concept

  • File Adapter
  • ADB Adapter Integrating Oracle,DB2,Sybase
  • MQ series Adapter Sending and Receiving Cobol Copy Books
  • SAP R/3 Adapter
  • Exposing SAP as Web Service
  • ORA apps Adapter
  • People Soft Adapter


  • Concepts
  • Resource Management
  • Creation of Domain

How to add a machine in a domain

  • How to grant roles to the user
  • How to add a secondary server into a Domain
  • How to add EMS server into a Domain
  • How to enable HTTPS
  • Application Management
  • How to Deploy EAR File
  • How to start/stop the process
  • How to enable HAWK in administration


  • What is HAWK
  • How to configure HAWK
  • How to create Rule base in HAWK
  • How to monitor the process, Operating Systems

Over View

  • B2B Integration(Business Connect)
  • TIBCO iProcess (10.5)(Oracle 10g)

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Course Duration

Duration : 35-40 hours
Session Timings: As per participant convenience

About Trainer:

Our TIBCO trainers are 100% real time software knowledge and experienced people those who have ample practical knowledge about TIBCO. So you can expect the best TIBCO content and coaching from our institute.

Student Reviews:

“Completed my TIBCO certification!!!”

“I have just completed the TIBCO certification last week. And i must say that this course helped me a great deal to master the TIBCO concepts and gain confidence in taking up this challenging exam.

The course is designed well and the TIBCO certification concepts explained in a very clear style which also made my learning fun. I would recommended this TIBCO Online Training course for anyone wanting to take it up.

– Sourav Kumar (Software Engineer – UHG)


“Must have Course!!!”

“Innovative way of teaching. I found this to be a lot of value packed into one single course! Instructor has really given his best to make you understand the topics. I would recommend this TIBCO Online Training to everyone.” – 

Abhijeet Scindia (Software Engineer – Accenture)


“Good course on TIBCO for all!”

“This is probably one of the best bang for the buck TIBCO courses I’ve taken and seen. I’ve taken a few other quick free courses to get to understand from a different perspective and I always refer back to this institute only for anyone.”

Swathi Potineni (Systems Engineer – Infosys)

Tibco OnlineTraining: Who should learn and what is TIBCO actually?:

We are offering the Best TIBCO Online training in Hyderbad, Bangalore, Pune, India by the real time experienced faculty. TIBCO iProcess Suite could be a tested and comprehensive beats per minute suite that allows enterprises to model, automate, and optimize any kind of business method – from routine tasks to mission vital, long processes that involve individuals, info, and applications across structure and geographical boundaries. We provides a whole end-to-end method management resolution for all components of the business method life cycle from method modeling through implementation, execution and  monitoring, and optimization. Our Suite is easy enough that you simply will begin with one division method And powerful enough to scale to many processes across an enterprise. TIBCO was created by team lead James goose of Sun Microsystems .It is completely object aligning program (OOP). TIBCO was written as an alienable language, that does not care, concerning any OS or the hardware of the system. This code designed associate degreed written just the once for associate degree excellent “practical machine” to run on different types of systems, in conjunction with Windows Microsoft pc’s, Linux, and operating system computers.

Fundamentals of TIBCO came from C++. TIBCO built with improved ideas of c++, to provide a linguistic communication that was powerful and clear-cut to use. TIBCO is in 2 types, core TIBCO and advanced TIBCO. Core TIBCO is also a whole application and advanced TIBCO suggests that applications will run on servers.

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